Hub 4 Parts offers a comprehensive range of component parts, primarily for the complete range of Herbert produce handling machinery, but also for other manufactured products.

A machine is only as good as its weakest component and so quality and reliability of parts is of paramount importance. Downtime of machinery invariably is far more costly than the replacement part that caused the failure or the time to do routine maintenance, replacing worn components before failure. Hub 4 Parts is able to source and supply OEM parts from a comprehensive supply base and if required supply suitable replacements where components have become obselete, been updated or the system modified.

Our ability to supply all Herbert components is based on comprehensive knowledge of each and every machine manufactured. The information gained with the purchase of the Herbert Engineering spares business includes parts manuals, Bills of Materials and component drawings. This coupled with the tacit knowledge gained over 32 years of working for Herberts on the machines, applications and with customers; makes Hub 4 Parts your ideal supplier.

Spare Part Highlights


Ammeraal Belting


Nord Motors and Gearboxes


NTN Bearings


Renold Chain


Plastic Grading Screens


Original Manufactured Components


The supply of quality belting to our customers remains a key element of Hub 4 Parts’ ethos to ensure Herbert machinery remains reliable in the “field”.  The longstanding working relationship with Ammeraal continues and Hub 4 Parts are able to offer key benefits previously enjoyed by Herbert customers which include thicker and longer lasting PVC top covers, endless jointed belts from  100mm up to 2500mm widths, specialist application belting and above all the expertise of Ammeraal’s Technical Team.

Ammeraal offers the largest range of belting products worldwide to over 150 countries and have production plants in 7 countries.  With over 80 service centres, more than 2,500 employees and 25,000 customers in 26 different countries they currently serve a wide range of industries including food, airport, logistics & mail, tobacco, paper & print, textile, automotive, rubber & tyre and wood. 


Nord motor and gearboxes have been used by Herberts for the last 20 years primarily for their reliability and robustness in some of the most challenging environments.  Hub4Parts have access to both Nord’s latest technology in drive systems together the ability to supply the original style of motor fitted to previously manufactured machinery.

A general stock of motors are currently held in stock and most other models can be supplied within a few days of order.

NORD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drive technology for mechanical and electronic solutions. The range of products includes geared motors, motors, industrial gear units, frequency inverters, motor starters and frequency inverters for decentralised drive control.


Hub 4 Parts are delighted to have been appointed as an official distributor for the NTN range of bearings.  This means we are able to offer competitively priced products to our customers for a wide range of applications.   We are able to supply pillow block, flange, cartridge and other types of bearings in mild or stainless steel or plastic housed for the food industry.  Standard sizes are available from 25mm up to to 80mm, but also custom requirements can be accommodated.

NTN operates more than fifty plants worldwide and is the third largest bearing manufacturer in the world.


Hub 4 Parts are able to supply the original Renold products which ensure Herbert Machinery continues to operate effectively in the field for years to come.  Single, double and triplex transmission chain, hollow and solid pin roller chain, couplings and special application chain are all easily sourced with stainless or coated options available. 

Renold is an international group delivering high precision engineered and power transmission products to our customers worldwide.

Plastic Screens

Alongside being able to offer both rubber and steel grading screens in any size, Hub 4 Parts has the exclusive rights for the Plastic grading screens which have become a firm favourite across the produce handling Industry. Their light construction, gentle handling of produce, robust hard wearing nature, lifelong accuracy and ease of repair, set plastic screen apart from the other alternatives.

Quick release stainless clips or continuous threaded bar joining options are available and a simple repair kit purchased at the same time as the screen means that years of reliable grading is guaranteed.

Plastic screens have outlasted their rivals by 2 to 3 times on numerous comparison tests and maintain their accuracy regardless of the amount of tensioning and use.

Plastic screens can be made in any width or length and are currently available in square mesh sizes:

30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 42.5mm, 45mm, 50mm,55mm, 57mm, 60mm, 65mm, 68mm, 70m, 75mm and 80mm 

Original Manufactured Components

Having bought the technical files, parts books and parts drawings for all exisiting Herbert customer’s machines, Hub 4 Parts is the ideal solution to sourcing the original parts for the range of Herbert Equipment.  All Herbert bespoke spares are manufactured by engineers who themselves have years of experience on Herbert Equipment and therefore the exact same component should be provided.

These parts include; drive and tail rollers, support rollers, sprockets, spigots, bushes, adjusters, wheels, shafts, coils, brackets .... and so many more !!

Hub 4 Parts is your route to all Herbert spare parts for machines manufactured over the last 40 years